Live from Daratu دارتو – Judy Organization for Relief and Development 2

October 5th, 2017.

Today, the radio workshop takes place in Daratu, in the community center held by Judy Organization for Relief and Development.

This organization was created by people from Syria who wanted to volunteer for communities of refugees and Internally displaced people. They are extremely motivated and focused on the dialogue between communities.

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Mohamed warmly welcomes  us. He works in this community center providing activities and administrative help for displaced people and refugees. Few minutes before the start of the workshop, he helps us to translate some specific questions from English to Arabic. He also brings us to one of the best food corners of the district, in order to try some delightful Falafel.

All the people are on time and happy to make their own radio program. Most of them have been living in Daratu since they left Syria or Western Iraq. There is M. Rôdi a musician, and M. Fauzi a poet who comes with his wife. She is a former craftswoman.

For their radio show, they wish to talk about children education, voluntary work and the independence of Kurdistan.

This last topic is on the agenda : the day after, a referendum will take place to say yes or no to the independence. They are very enthusiastic about it and most of them will be observers of the vote.

Here, you can listen to the whole program :



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