MicroCamp Radio

Radio Activité intervene with refugees with its project called Microcamp Radio. Workshops have been run in camps and reception centers in France, Georgia, Armenia, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Italy and Greece.

These workshops have a psychosocial and empowerment vocation. They aim at creating an enjoyable moment detached from the constraints of everyday life, to give a safe space of speech and cohesion. Every workshop ends with a live radio broadcast. Participants talks about subjects they have chosen together. In the microphone, we hear the participants to laugh, discuss their doubts, their experiences, their hopes, their reflections, what is dear to them.

From this human experience, a rich sound material arise and contribute to the constitution of a rich sound memory Refugees get the opportunity to become actors of their own speech on the topics of their choice, and so they make their voices travel beyond the boundaries of camps and borders.



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